Frequently Asked Questions

    Did you know? You can find the status of the webinars for which you've registered in your Account Dashboard! After logging in, click on your name up in the corner. Here, you can see if a webinar is sold out and waiting to be broadcast. If a webinar has begun broadcast, you can even find the link to the video!

    Webinars run after every seat is filled, in the order in which they were sold out. If a webinar that you registered for has not yet run, there may be other webinars scheduled in front of it!

    You will receive a phone call from us. If this is the first firearm you've received from us, you will need to find an FFL local to whom you want us to transfer the firearm. Once your FFL e-mails their license to us at:

    With YOUR NAME in the subject of the e-mail, we will ship the gun out to them, and you can pick it up from them!

    Typically, all orders go out the same day!

    We do not charge any fees, shipping or otherwise, however the FFL you choose to have the firearm transferred to may charge you a transfer fee.

    Of course! We have shipped firearms, ammo, and accessories, to 49 states (still waiting on Hawaii, so come on Hawaii residents!)

    When we ship firearms or other serialized goods, we ONLY ship them to other LICENSED FFL's.

    If you have never shipped a firearm before, don't be nervous, its SUPER simple! The chances are, we have probably shipped to an FFL in your area if you do not have one in mind already!

    The answer is YES!

    Although we tend to lean towards FED EX, we do often ship UPS per request. 

    USPS, we will only ship knives and accessories through.

    All packages are insured and tracking numbers provided to recipients, once the package is packed and awaiting pickup!

    When we sell a firearm to someone over the internet, we DO NOT ship to the individual.

    We send the firearm to an authorized FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) in their area, that FFL then follows all local and federal restrictions for turning over the firearm to the purchaser.

    IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD A FIREARM SHIPPED via ONLINE SALE BEFORE - Don't sweat it! We have shipped tens of thousands of firearms across the United States! We can walk you through the steps, as well as help you locate an FFL to have your firearm shipped to!

    Yes, absolutely!

    We like to keep our transfer fee as low as possible, transfers are ONLY $30.00.

    HOWEVER, we would encourage you to touch base with us on pricing, typically we beat just about any price online for sales of new firearms!

    Although we hope this is never the situation, we got your back!

    The last thing we want you to have on your mind is replacing the firearm that is not marked as evidence.

    We will ship you out (to your FFL, for transfer) the same or similar model firearm to hold onto until you have received yours back!

    You will receive notification via text and e-mail just before the webinar goes live. If you haven't received any notifications, and you're sure your contact information is up-to-date, then the webinar has not yet run!

    If you're certain that your contact information is correct, and you're still not receiving notifications from us, please check the spam folder of your email. In the case where you aren't receiving text notifications, please make sure that your phone or phone service provider does not have Short Code Blocking enabled.

    Webinar links are available in your My Webinars page for up to 20 days after broadcast.

    No, the VIP list is generated when you purchase a seat. It is not necessary to watch the webinar live in order to have a chance at being picked as the VIP.

    Every dollar spent = 1 point
    100 points = 1 dollar

    Points, like gift cards, can be used on anything on our website, from webinars to physical purchases.

    You can message us on our Facebook page, or email us at!

    Gift Cards are automatically applied to your account! When you get to the end of the checkout process, you can apply rewards points, discount codes, and gift cards to your order. There is a drop-down menu where you can find all of your gift cards that still have balance left on them. Click on one and you can apply it to your current order!

    We offer layaway on certain items at our sole discretion. We are under no obligation to offer this option to anyone on any item under any circumstances. This is a courtesy we may choose to extend and nothing more.

    Our normal terms are 25% downpayment at time of order and 60 days to complete payments. We may, at our sole discretion, amend these terms to offer a longer payoff term but will in no circumstance accept less than 25% as a downpayment.

    You have the right to cancel your layaway order for a refund at any time before payoff by notifying DLD LLC. We will assess a 15% restocking fee on canceled layaway orders at our discretion. The exception is an item we special order for you which WILL incur a 25% restocking fee.