Recover Tactical 20/20N Glock Pistol Stabilizer Brace FDE


    Recover Tactical 20/20N Glock Pistol Stabilizer Brace FDE




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    Recover Tactical 2020NMG-02 Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit Synthetic Tan Brace with Strap, Charging Handles, Minimalist Sling, Picatinny Rail, G7 Holster with Pistol Adapter, MG9 Angled Mag Pouch for All Gen Glock


    • UPC: 7290016552720
    • Manufacturer: Recover Tactical


    The 20/20N Stabilizer Kit with Arm Brace is the first truly affordable stabilizer brace kit available on the market. This kit includes: brace with strap, UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles (low/high profile), Minimalist Sling, Picatinny Side Rails, G7 Holster w/Pistol Adapter (Can be used without the 20/20 stabilizer brace), MG9 Angled Mag Pouch For Glock Magazines. This model is compatible with compensators and Red Dot optics. It is also compatible with 9mm and 357 double Stack Gen 1-5 Glocks including Glock 26; and compatible with all double stack Gen 1-4 SW40 Glock including Glock 27.